5 Android and iOS Apps to Transfer Files

To overcome this file transfer issues, developers created a couple of application that take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct to transfer large files through Wi-Fi in just a minute.


Using Wi-Fi Direct Sometimes requires you to have a file downloader apps so you try mega downloader download from here, 4 applications that allow file transfer between Android devices:

1. SuperBeam

The SuperBeam application is developed by Majed Alhaji. This application is used to transfer files between Android devices using Wi-Fi Direct. This application allows the user to send game guardian download Guide either single or multiple files of any type. SuperBeam uses pairing using NFC, QR code and manually.

3. Wi-Fi Share

Wi-Fi Share application is developed by [email protected] and is freely available on the Google Play. This is another application that supports file transfer using Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Fi between multiple Android devices.

4. HitcherNet

HitcherNet application is very popular current Android devices as it allows you to share multiple files simultaneously with file transfer speed of 50 Mbps, moreover, it can connect multiple devices simultaneously. This application is discovered by Charybdis Technologies and is freely available in the Play Store.


Now words for this app I just love it.¬†xender app having cool features which work awesome when you have the android phone you should download xender. With the help of xender, you can also transfer XLS files on another account all you need to do is connect your iphone to hotspotand another android phone that’s it after joining the group its easy as damn to send files of ¬†Hotmail.

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