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TuTu Helper VIP Version : How to Get the VIP Version for Free

Tutu helper is an App Market available for iOS and Android Platform. You can also get Tutu helper on your PC with the help of Bluestacks Android Emulator. Tutu Helper is the most used 3rd party app market among iOS users. It is popular on Android platform too. It is considered as one of the alternatives to Mobogenie, Vshare and Black market Alpha on the Android Platform.

Tutu helper doesn’t require a rooted Android smartphone device to work on Android Platform. It doesn’t even require a jailbroken iOS device to work on iOS platform. It is one of the reasons why it is so much popular among iOS users. Tutu helper App Market has almost every paid app available. You don’t have to pay for any of your favorite paid apps with the help of Tutu helper App market. All you need is Tutu helper on your smartphone device to get access to thousands of paid apps for free from 1337x.

Tutu helper app respects your privacy. It never asks for any unnecessary permissions on your phone. You can easily get paid games and apps for free with the help of Tutu helper. You can easily get access to all the paid apps available on the AppStore with the help of Tutu helper. Let’s talk about some of the features Tutu helper offers.

Features of Tutu Helper VIP Version

  • Tutu Helper is available for both the smartphones platform and now you can also try  other.
  • With the help of Tutu helper app, you can make all the available in-app purchase without spending single money on the app.
  • You don’t have to have a jailbroken iOS device to install tutu helper on your iOS device.
  • Tutu helper never asks for any privacy-threatening permission from your Android or iOS phone. It is a safe app.
  • You might also get deals from tutu helper weekly.
  • Tutu helper provides very high speed downloading compared to another app market.

There are many excellent features of the Tutu helper app market. You will get to know more about them after using the application by yourself. There are 2 available versions for Tutu helper: One is the Regular version the other one is VIP version. The regular version is free while VIP version is a paid membership version. Let’s talk about some of the difference between both the versions to understand why it is worth to buy the Tutu helper VIP version.

Difference Between Tutu Helper Regular and Tutu Helper VIP

  • The Regular version of the Playbox HD android has fewer features while VIP version has many features available to download with its modded and cracked version.
  • You get less number of apps in regular version while in VIP version you get access to unlimited paid apps for free.
  • The regular version can get banned by Apple anytime while VIP version never gets deleted by APPLE. It even works after the latest iOS updates.
  • You can request a new paid app on the market if you are a VIP user of Tutu helper.

Tutu helper only costs 12.99$ a year. That is a very less amount compared to all the apps which ask the same amount of money in a month. After spending 12.99$ in Tutu helper, you won’t have to spend single money on other paid apps or games. It is worth to purchase the VIP version of the app.

5 Android and iOS Apps to Transfer Files

To overcome this file transfer issues, developers created a couple of application that take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct to transfer large files through Wi-Fi in just a minute.


Using Wi-Fi Direct Sometimes requires you to have a file downloader apps so you try mega downloader download from here, 4 applications that allow file transfer between Android devices:

1. SuperBeam

The SuperBeam application is developed by Majed Alhaji. This application is used to transfer files between Android devices using Wi-Fi Direct. This application allows the user to send game guardian download Guide either single or multiple files of any type. SuperBeam uses pairing using NFC, QR code and manually.

3. Wi-Fi Share

Wi-Fi Share application is developed by [email protected] and is freely available on the Google Play. This is another application that supports file transfer using Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Fi between multiple Android devices.

4. HitcherNet

HitcherNet application is very popular current Android devices as it allows you to share multiple files simultaneously with file transfer speed of 50 Mbps, moreover, it can connect multiple devices simultaneously. This application is discovered by Charybdis Technologies and is freely available in the Play Store.


Now words for this app I just love it. xender app having cool features which work awesome when you have the android phone you should download xender. With the help of xender, you can also transfer XLS files on another account all you need to do is connect your iphone to hotspotand another android phone that’s it after joining the group its easy as damn to send files of  Hotmail.

How to Download Hotstar for Android

Hotstar is amongst one of the most popular apps to watch videos live through the internet. The hotstar app is being so much popular because it performs better on PC or laptops than android mobiles. This app has been launched by the Star India Pvt. Ltd. To facilitate all Android users to enjoy star TV shows live on android mobile. Full-length TV shows, movies are available for its users that are for free to watch.


Features of Hotstar App: Hotstar includes many of the features which are being discussed in details.

  • If you have installed Hotstar app on your Android mobile, you can watch live cricket match anywhere and anytime.
  • Hotstar includes the large variety of TV shows to for its users.
  • It consumes very little data to let you enjoy your favorite TV show on your mobile.
  • Another reason for its popularity includes that it works with slow internet connections as well and 2G internet connection networks are also supported.
  • It has a large variety of latest movies to watch and the many of the movies that released a few years ago.
  • The Hotstar app user doesn’t need any account to create to watch and access to any of the Hotstar videos. The user can directly search for the video and enjoy it just a tap on “PLAY”.
  • You can enjoy many of the star TV shows in full length on Hotstar.
  • The Hotstar TV shows list has a wide variety including the present TV shows and some of the previous TV shows like “Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai” and much more.
  • Another advantage of Hotstar app is that. It is available in many of the Indian regional languages so that you can your many of the regional movies as well.

How to Download Hotstar for Android Mobiles: It’s very simple to download the popular Hotstar app on any of the android mobiles. The procedure to download and install for the quick access to Hotstar is as follows:

  • Turn on “data connections” of your android mobile.
  • Now go to “Google Play Store”
  • Alternatively, you can Cydia Store to download Hotstar Modded Version, you can also download app modders like gamegem or game killer.
  • Tap on “Applications” section
  • Now search for “Hotstar”
  • Find a link to download Hotstar app.
  • Tap on the Pokemon uranium download
  • Now tap on “Download”
  • Hotstar will get start downloading on your android mobile.
  • After downloading, auto-installation will take place automatically.
  • You’ll see the notification once the Hotstar app is installed on your android mobile.
  • Now close the Google Play Store
  • Search for Hotstar app icon on your android mobile.
  • Tap on the Hotstar icon.
  • Now Sign up on accedi with your email address, for example, [email protected] and fill password.
  • Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, movies, and cricket matches.